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James Meredith discouraged by Ole Miss debacle

Whether or not what happened at Ole Miss was truly an act of racism, the one man who knows it best thinks Ole Miss needs to re-evaluate their system. According to this article, James Meredith, the first African American graduate of Ole Miss, was disheartened by the recent news of racism at the University.  He […]

Severity of Ole Miss campus riots undetermined

According to this article, after the presidential election results were called, a riot broke out at Ole Miss.  There were reports of racial slurs, burning signs and rocks being thrown at cars according to one of the Journalism students on campus.  The article states that hundreds of people were apart of the riot, which are […]

Stay in the know with election results

If you didn’t know today was the election, then I am convinced you don’t have a Facebook. We all have those annoying friends who post political views and results by the second, but incase you want a more credible source for election results here is a place to get your information! WDAM will post results […]

Suspect still on the loose for Hattiesburg shooting

In this article a suspect for the shooting of two females at an apartment complex in Hattiesburg is still on the loose according to WDAM.  The suspect, Tamira Peoples,  allegedly shot both women at their  apartment, one dying at the scene. The other woman remains in the hospital. The girl who died at the scene just […]

Guy Fawkes Day: Will Anonymous attack?

In this article the hacking group called Anonymous will supposedly attack Facebook if Zynga lays off over 1,000 employees today. Anonymous is a group of hackers that hack computers all over the world when injustices are afoot. Although no one knows what Anonymous will do to Facebook, it is safe to say everyone is on pins […]

Forensics improve while some cases stay cold

Hey Minglers! Several of y’all asked about my investigative piece I wrote on a missing child’s case.  I decided to post it on here so everyone can read it!  This is a cold case on a missing Mississippi girl named Leigh Marine Occhi. For more background information on Leigh Marine, check out this article. I […]