Monthly Archives: January 2013

New “boyfriend training” app causes a stir

I know I already posted an article today, but this was too good to pass up. Apparently, there is a new app out where you can punish your virtual boyfriend in very abusive ways. According to this article, not very many people are happy about this, and with good reason. The game allows you to […]

What does your relationship appear to be?

I was perusing Huffington Post when I stumbled across this very well written narrative on what relationships look like to different people. Larson talks about “the question” she gets all the time. The infamous “When are you going to get married?” question. She speaks about how her, and her boyfriend of 8 years live apart, […]

Ole Miss Students to be potentially penalized for election night tiff

According to this article, after further investigation to the Ole Miss election night “riots,” certain students who posted on twitter could be punished for their contribution to the ordeal that was nationally recognized. During the election night, Ole Miss was swarmed with what many referred to as “a race war” after Obama was re-elected into […]

Mississippi’s only abortion clinic continues controversy

In this article, it is reported that a security guard outside of the Jackson abortion clinic pepper-sprayed 3 demonstrators after a quarrel over the guard turning the sprinklers on. One of the demonstrators was a 15 year old, and the guard could face three counts of simple assault if charges are pressed. Tuesday marked the […]

5 things to avoid on Valentines Day, Singles Edition

Okay, I know its a little early for this, but I am already seeing some pretty silly decisions being made by you fellow Minglers. Picture this: It’s a normal Valentine’s Day for a single girl/guy. You wake up, you look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself its just another day before you pull on […]

Have teachers gone mad?

As we all know, teachers have a pretty stressful job. Heck, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be my 8th grade teacher, I remember how crazy I was. Although a stressful environment, countless times the public and schools have had a problem meeting halfway when it comes to discipline. There are still parts of Mississippi […]

Men experience “shocking” labor pains

In this video¬† two dutch men decide to take on the challenge that men cannot survive labor pains. Both men in the video are hooked up to electro-shock wires taped to their stomach that cause shocks similar to labor pains. One of the men tuck out early while the other man stays attached to the […]