Entertainment Industry majors help WUSM Radio raise money for equipment

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Sorry for the brief hiatus, I have had a few sicknesses, as well as midterm stress keeping me from my blogging. I promise to make it up to you with this really neat post though!

Students from the USM Entertainment Industry major have combined their efforts to support WUSM non-profit radio. They have created an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise money for equipment for Roots Radio. Mississippi Minglin has interviewed a member of the campaign AnnaKaylin Barnes about the project.

MS Minglin:What is your group name?
AnnaKaylin:We are known to our classmates and teacher as The WUSM IndieGoGo Team or IndieGoGo Team B. We like to refer to ourselves as the WUSM Warriors.

MS Minglin:What is it you are trying to do?
AnnaKaylin:We are trying to help out Southern Miss’ very own nonprofit radio station, WUSM, raise money for new equipment. The equipment they are working with now is so outdated and since they are going to eventually be moving over into a new station room in College Hall we would like them to have some updated equipment to make their new home more enjoyable.

MS Minglin:How long has the group been active?
AnnaKaylin:We received our assignment from our Live Production teacher, Gina Charbonnet, on January 24th and have been hard at work pre-planning and putting our website together since then.

MS Minglin:What are you going to do to raise money for WUSM?
AnnaKaylin: Since we received our assignment we have been hard at work trying to get our IndieGoGo campaign ready to launch. IndieGoGo is a website which helps people get their dreams out there and people can donate money to their cause or business for perks. Since crowd funding is not an investment opportunity people are giving out of the goodness of their heart for essentially no reward other than the perk packages we offer them. We have packages ranging from $1 – $500. Anyone can check them and all our other information out here

MS Minglin:What else does your group do?

AnnaKaylin:Our group is made up of people from all different backgrounds an areas of Mississippi. We are all involved in various activities around campus. Some of us are a part of the student run record label on campus (South City Records), some of us are members of the School of Music, some are part of a writing organization, and many of us are striving musicians.

MS Minglin:How many people are in the group?
AnnaKaylin:There are 13 students involved with our group.

MS Minglin:How can the community help?
AnnaKaylin:The best way for the community to get involved is the get out there and let people know about our campaign. WUSM 88.5 is the definition of Roots Radio and broadcasts from the Hattiesburg campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. They use American roots music with a strong Mississippi influence from a 60,000 plus music library to keep the originality of southern music alive. We only have a goal of a $1000 to raise and we feel like that will do WUSM a lot of good. So the more people that know, the more money we can raise.

Other Information:
AnnaKaylin:Our main platform for this campaign is the Spring Slumgullion. This is a live music event that is going to take place in Hattiesburg, MS at the Keg and Barrel on March 24, 2013. It will feature several musical acts including Wes Lee, Thomas Jackson, Cary Hudson, Scott Chism and the Better Half, Drew Young, Vanity Furr, Doctor E and the Mississippi Voodoo Kings, and Southbound Cresent. The event will begin at 12 PM and last till anywhere from 6:00 to 8:00 PM that night. Anyone can purchase wristbands or Spring Slumgullion packages for this event through our IndieGoGo website.

After we reach our funding goal, 5% of any profits we raise over $1000 will be donated to The University of Southern Mississippi School of Music which was recently damaged by tornado that ripped through Hattiesburg. 
Please help us help WUSM!

WUSM Radio logo, Photo from AnnaKaylin Barnes

WUSM Radio logo, Photo from AnnaKaylin Barnes

T-shirt in packages, Photo from AnnaKaylin Barnes

T-shirt in packages, Photo from AnnaKaylin Barnes


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