Storm Chaser Tim Samaras and crew die in Oklahoma tornados

Hello Minglers!

As most of my close friends know, I hate monkeys. I am terrified of the beach, and I do not like the idea of nature. However, of all my irrational fears, one would think storm chasing would be on the top of the list. Of course not! One of my bucket list items ever since Storm Chasers came on the air was to chase a tornado and film it. I say all of this in great sadness, because one of my storm chasing heros has recently died chasing one of the Oklahoma tornados this past week.

Tim Samaras, the biggest influence to all storm chasers,  along with his son and camera man died while filming an EF3 tornado Friday in Oklahoma.

Tim Samaras was not only mine, but thousands of storm chaser’s idol. His show “Storm Chasers” on Discovery Channel made everyone want to be a thrill chaser just like him. It is an absolute tragedy that he died. However, family has stated that the way he died was fitting because the crew “died doing what they loved.”

It would be an understatement to say that this event has shaken up stormchasers. It is always tragic to lose loved ones to a tornado. However, when professionals such as Samaras become victims to mother nature, it puts these types of storms into perspective.

Below is a video of Samaras in action. May he rest in peace.



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