Governor of MS blames poor education systems on working mothers

Hello Minglers!

Today, I am fuming because of a slew of Republican men blaming the decline of households (and now education) on working mothers.

Recently the governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant announced at a live event in Washington that working moms can be blamed for “mediocre education.”

Hold the phone…where is the evidence for this? Did we forget what year we are living in? If this comment wasn’t bad enough, recently Megyn Kelly (for lack of a better expression) verbally assaulted Lou Dobbs and Eric Erickson on their previously public views of working mothers being the reason for psychologically distressed children. Once again, there was zero evidence to support these claims other than personal experience by some politicians with mommy issues.

Now, there are a few things Mississippi has been a little delayed on. Especially since just this year we made slavery illegal in Mississippi. However, if it is one thing we are not behind on, it is women’s rights. We are not churning butter in the backyard, nor are we washing our clothes in the river anymore, folks. Women CAN have a family AND a career.

According to this article, Columbia University as well as many other studies reported that the only negative effect on children with working mothers were poor results in ability tests. However, the article states that these negative effects were “counterbalanced” by the mother being able to afford good childcare. The overall conclusion was that the controversy of effects on children with working mothers had “neutral” lasting effects.

I end this post to reiterate my anger towards these men and their opinions on women working. I just graduated college, and can say for a fact that most of the male students I graduated with were equal in work ethic, or I excelled them in school work. According to this article, men are also more likely to drop out of college than women. This article reports how women are excelling beyond men in the workforce.

I have nothing against men or their work ethic. However, these statistics have nothing to do with what mommy did during childhood development. This is a power trip, and a pride issue.

It took women 100 years to get their rights.Forgive us for taking advantage of equality.

Get it together, Mississippi.

Below is the video of Megyn Kelly schooling some close minded mama’s boys. Enjoy.

*This was an article of Opinion by Erin Lowrey



  1. Jennifer · · Reply

    I don’t understand why these men are whining about it. Men have been leading the world in millions of societies on Earth. If they feel like the world has gone to hell, they have only themselves to blame.

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