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Governor of MS blames poor education systems on working mothers

Hello Minglers! Today, I am fuming because of a slew of Republican men blaming the decline of households (and now education) on working mothers. Recently the governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant announced at a live event in Washington that working moms can be blamed for “mediocre education.” Hold the phone…where is the evidence for this? […]

Storm Chaser Tim Samaras and crew die in Oklahoma tornados

Hello Minglers! As most of my close friends know, I hate monkeys. I am terrified of the beach, and I do not like the idea of nature. However, of all my irrational fears, one would think storm chasing would be on the top of the list. Of course not! One of my bucket list items […]

New dangerous teenage trend lowers self esteem

Hello Minglers! A new extreme body image fad has me blogging again. There is a new body image trend with teenagers that I am sure most of you have heard about. Yup, you guessed it: the dreaded thigh gap. ABC News reported on this crazy idea that teenage girls have become obsessed over for the […]

Hope 4 Hattiesburg bracelets for tornado relief

Hello Minglers! I am so excited to finally get back on my blogging schedule! Today I need your help more than ever. I am the co-creator of a joint project called Hope 4 Hattiesburg. The main focus of the project is to help with those affected by the tornado that blew threw ¬†Hattiesburg. My partner […]

Entertainment Industry majors help WUSM Radio raise money for equipment

Hello Minglers! Sorry for the brief hiatus, I have had a few sicknesses, as well as midterm stress keeping me from my blogging. I promise to make it up to you with this really neat post though! Students from the USM Entertainment Industry major have combined their efforts to support WUSM non-profit radio. They have […]

Mississippi Hippy dishes on what to expect in Spring Fashion

Hello Minglers! Today I have interviewed a very special guest, and one of my favorite fashion bloggers The Mississippi Hippy! ¬†Chelsea Eli is the creator of The Mississippi Hippy, and lives in Hattiesburg, MS. MS Minglin asked Chelsea what we could expect for Spring when it comes to fashion, and here is what she had […]

My top ten baking tips

Everyone that knows me has heard me once or twice go on a baking rant. I would like to believe one day that I will be on cupcake wars! Today, I thought I would share some of my tips when I bake considering Pinterest ideas can sometimes be…well…disappointing. Here are my top-ten baking tips! 1. […]