It isn’t very often that I post something super serious, but today I thought everyone needed to be reminded of this. I have learned numerous things during my time at Southern Miss. I have learned that you don’t piss off football fans. You also don’t simply walk across campus when it rains. More importantly, you […]

Last night I was hanging out with my girlfriends when I spotted a very attractive older man. As we drove past him, I made a comment about how good looking this man was. To which my friends replied, “Ew! He could be your grandfather!” Obviously, the man was not THAT old, but it got me […]

I have had several people begging me to do another humorous article since my Valentines Day post, so I thought I would give my thoughts on why awkward is the new cool. I’m going to be the first to tell you that I do not have the smoothest moves. I’m the girl that sees a […]

As many of you may know, a tornado hit Hattiesburg, MS on Sunday,February 10. Over 300 homes,  several businesses, and  the South end of the USM campus were destroyed. Many people are looking for ways to help with cleanup, or supply drop off. Here are a few listings of places where you can help. County […]

I am a huge fan of dogs, but I can’t say that my little puppy  has ever done anything of the heroic nature. In this story, an Australian Shepard runs to deliver a message his owner wrote as a last result in getting medical attention. The owner was completely immobilized, and had no way to […]

In this article,  it is stated that conspiracy theorists have gone the extra mile in harassment towards the Aurora, Colorado shooting victims. Apparently, the harassment has escalated into the posting of hat victim’s home addresses, and phone numbers online. Many theorists believe the shooting didn’t actually happen. Holmes is in the middle of his court […]

Considering I know nothing about sports, and care less about ANYTHING that has to do with football, I decided that I do have Minglers that love it. Therefore, I have dedicated this post to you…while grinding my teeth. (just kidding!) I had to google who was playing, so apparently it is the Ravens and 49’ers…49’ers […]